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Ingleborough meaning “fort on the hill” is the second highest mountain in the dales (2373 ft) and the only 3 Peak available to mountain bikers with a bridleway up. A real tough climb in our opinion. Ingleborough is a very distinctive flat topped peak easily identified from all directions and over considerable distances.

If you like your bike rides to loop then this route up Ingleborough probably isn’t for you,  its 3 miles up and then 3 miles down using the same track you just climbed.

Don’t underestimate the small distance involved, although two thirds of the route is relatively easy, how hard can it be to cycle 3 miles we said? Trust us not easy, there’s a couple of sections where you have to lug your bike onto your shoulder.

But you will be rewarded with exceptional views of not only most of The Dales but an ocean view to boot. Watch the weather on this one as you climb past the first ridge, it’s like being in a different ecosystem.

A rare opportunity in The Dales to use the term mountain and bike literally. With three miles of very technical downhill.


Total distance 6.5Miles
Grin Factor

Total Distance: 6.5 Miles
Total Climbing: 2,370 ft
Time: 2 hrs

Off-road: 5.5 mi
On-road: 1 mi

Climbing Distance: 3.2 mi
Descent Distance: 3.2 mi
Flat Distance: 0 mi

Terrain: Limestone singletrack, grassy moorland, steep crags – some bike carrying involved. Not for the faint hearted.

The Route

Start Point: SD 7016873258 Off the A65 Ingleton, follow the road through town [B6255] as it climbs east for about half a mile. Look out for the sign Clapham/Storrs common on your right. Take this turning and look out for a bridleway on your left hand side Park up here.

  • Follow the Bridleway (Fell Lane) to the summit, that’s it! We could go on describing walls, terrain, points of interest and suchlike, but its a 1 horse race, no lefts rights or T junctions, just a bridleway right to the top with some fantastic and challenging riding and views to be had.
  • The huge flat summit of Ingleborough is well worth exploring although be aware it is not a bridleway on the summit, so push your bike, don’t ride it.

Route Photos

Ingleborough Bike Route
An idiot proof route.. just follow the big hill in the distance.
Ingleborough Bike Route
The climbing gradient gets hard as you get close to the summit.
Ingleborough Bike Route
Ride up that? are you mad?
Ingleborough Bike Route
Lashing it down by the time we get to the top. Is there something wrong with us?
Ingleborough Bike Route
Even descending was tough, more like taking your bike for a walk.

Food & Stuff

We were a bit mythed, looking forward to a few pre ride pies from Pearsons the award winning Ingleton butcher. Only to find out they weren’t open Tuesdays.

A horde of locals persuaded us that the shop next door sold good pies, and they were right. (just one shop down)

Also try Inglesport Cafe for full English, and the New Inn at Clapham a couple of miles away for the best local beer garden.

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