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Built by a guy who has been riding the Dales for 30 years,, is a site all about mountain biking in the visually stunning grin inducing, muscle burning hills bridleways & green lanes that is the Yorkshire Dales.

Since 2004,  has been promoting mountain biking & sustainable cycling holidays in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, its local counties and boundaries.

Who Made It?

mtbdales was originally built by me Jake Richard in 2004, as a project to learn how to code database driven websites in PHP, a web development programming language I needed to get my head around at the time.

After fudging a website together and adding a few routes the site began to get a lot more traffic than I envisaged. A couple of years later, I added a directory of cyclist friendly accommodation, a local events calendar and a directory of local bike shops. By 2007, the site had over 5000 listing with monthly traffic of 35,000 hits per month and a forum with around 500 users.

The problem with interactive and user generated content is that it needs to be managed which takes up lots of free time, of which I didn’t have anymore. In 2016 after ignoring the site for quite a number of years I decided to take the site back to its simple and more manageable original roots, simply a mountain bike route directory, a showcase of local Yorkshire Dales bike routes I like to ride with my pals.

How time passes, it wasn’t until 2018 that I actually got round to starting the new site and here and now in the beginning of 2020 I have just begun re-uploading half the old routes.

The intentions are there though, watch this space.

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