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<p>				Welcome to the hill thats called Sharphaw			</p>

Welcome to the hill thats called Sharphaw

Sharphaw - near Skipton
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Shaphaw is a small but challenging hill on the Grassington road, close to Skipton. This is a fairly short circular route climbing sharphaw and decending near to the village of Flasby. Its also pretty tough physically. You’re either going steeply uphill or downhill. There are superb views into Wharfedale  Lancashire and the Aire Valley with some very testing riding.

Not all sections are marked as bridleway, and you have to turn a blind eye to a couple of public footpath signs. It’s a popular bike route though, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Many sections are pretty marshy or soft moorland so it’s definitely not a wet weather or winter bike route unless there’s hard ground frost. I have ridden this route after days of sunshine and its still wet and muddy so be warned.

The route varies from open moorland to tight singletrack in woods and works equally well cycling it in reverse. Either way, you end up with some steep climbing and descents, particularly the climb from Flasby to the summit of Sharphaw. Pace yourself


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Difficulty: rate Grin Factor: rate
Time :1.22 hrs
Distance: 5.4 mi
Offroad: 5.4 mi
Onroad: 0 mi
Climbing distance: 2.2 mi
Descent distance: 2.8 mi
Flat distance: 0.4 mi
Total climbing: 1505.9 ft
Terrain: diverse, steep grassy & marshy moorland, some rock sections, woods
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Start point
- SD 9752 5393 - GPS N 53 58.886 W 2 02.357

Left of the B6265 Grassington Road from Skipton (Bog Lane, a tight well hidden back road to Stirton) Sharphaw is the odd looking hill staring at you from the right, There’s room for a couple of cars to park at the start of the route,  its also fairly easy to cycle from Skipton.

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The Route

Up through the gate it’s a steady climb to the top of Sharpaw, Turn right off the farm track onto the moorland as it sweeps away from Sharphaw.  Aim steadily towards the summit, the last 200 yards are pretty steep (but doable).

After palpitating for 10 minutes at the summit (over the sty), and enjoying the superb views. Turn right down the steep incline; (looking towards Rylstone cross in the distance) this next section is the best part in our opinion, a steep muddy and pitted descent towards Flasby, where the track disintegrates into rocks, tree routes, and severe pits, steep and slippy descents.  After four gates, and a field the pace slows down a little. Turn left up the tarmac when you reach the green farm shed, this turns quickly into a quarry stone track, a gentle climb. Continue through two gates into a lovely English meadow and a steep climb past the water trough into flasby woods, through the locally known tunnel of love (a path encircled with a tight covering of trees).

Finally a seriously tough moorland climb back onto the top of Sharphaw, and a steady descent back to the road.  If you finish this route with a clean bike then you’ve been very lucky..


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Food & stuff

Nearest decent pub for food and drink is the Craven Heifer, (top Guinness). failing that arm yourself beforehand with a couple of world famous pies from J Stanforth – The Celebrated Pork Pie Establishment Gargrave Road Skipton. Catch them on a good day and you won’t be disappointed.




Excellent visit to a farm in the Dales with a knowledgeable famrer, Anthony Bradley, and a good insight into farm life in the Dales. Pity we couldn't try the gammon or the sausages!!!
from: Socrates | Fri Oct 19 2012

Came down from the summit, through the tunnel, through the meadow and got to the farm and the farmer told me off because he says its a footpath...not sure what to do now as its so good but on the mao he's correct
from: Anon | Thu Apr 22

hi. very steep and ended up walking up sharphaw
from: andy mawson | Sat Oct 17

hello - not sure what direction you do it but try ride it anti clockwise for a couple of scarey downhills. spot on! i couldnt quite make it the last 100 metres onto sharphaw. phew.
from: Anon | Mon Aug 17

Ran out of steam 150 yds from the top. If you carry on down the other side to Flasby the downhill route is unreal! Be warned: Make sure your brakes work before you set off... :)
from: Presty | Fri Aug 7

love it, couldnt quite get to the top, but nearly
from: Anon | Sat Apr 18

tough !!!
from: Anon | Sun Mar 1



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a gentle climb to the summit of sharphaw
a gentle climb to the summit of sharphaw'
route from the summit..
route from the summit..'
down the hill
down the hill'
through the field..
through the field..'
climb through the meadow
climb through the meadow'
a challenging climb through the woods (gulp) .. onto the summit of sharphaw
a challenging climb through the woods (gulp) .. onto the summit of sharphaw'
view towards rylstone from the top of sharpaw
view towards rylstone from the top of sharpaw'
view towards pendle hill and lancashire
view towards pendle hill and lancashire'



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