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Devil's Bridge over the river Lune
Devils Bridge - The Lune Valley - The Howgills
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Starting from the Devils Bridge near Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria and situated between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, this all classic ride takes us on a magnificent journey exploring the Lune Valley, via the dales of Barbondale and Kingsdale.

In terms of eye candy there's lots to see on this ride. Right from the start point, the picturesque Devils Bridge a historic bridge (1370) crossing the River Lune and according to local folk lore built by the devil. There's Bull Pot in Kingsdale, a cave popular with cavers, amazing views of the Howgill Fells a small group of hills marking the edge the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Cumbria.

The terrain, is all fairly easy riding in general so that you can focus on the amazing views. The tarmac climb up Fell Road is a bit of killer. The off road descent into Barbondale is probably the hardest bit, a very rocky and pitted section which probably stops it from being a family freindly ride. Probably the high point of the ride are the sections past Barbon Beck and the bridlway through Barbon woods, it is strikingly gorgous and a real pleasure to ride. The Ford over Barbon Beck looks easy to navigate, its, but unless you fancy riding the second half of the ride drenched, take care or use bridge crossing. The second half of the ride is mainly pleasant bridleways and quiet B road tarmac.

Keep a look out for the Andy Goldsworthy sculptures on the Wandales/Bent Lane bridleway sections, theres 8 of them, hidden at various points.


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Difficulty: rate Grin Factor: rate
Time :3.21 hrs
Distance: 13.6 mi
Offroad: 5.6 mi
Onroad: 8 mi
Climbing distance: 3.3 mi
Descent distance: 3.9 mi
Flat distance: 13.2 mi
Total climbing: 3418.6 ft
Terrain: Bridleway, forest paths, tarmac, difficult rocky section in Barbondale prevents this from being family friendly.
OS Map:Yorkshire Dales: S & W areas



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Start point
- Devil's Bridge - Kirkby Lonsdale

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The Route
  1. Follow the one way street directly opposite the devils bridge free car park, approx 100 yards on the left take the climbing tarmac path towards chapel house lane.
  2. Climb the tarmac of Chapel House Lane for a few miles, at the tarmac T junction in the Hamlet of High Casterton turn right onto Well Lane and continue under the railway bridge
  3. A couple more miles of tarmac gentle climbing and a the next T junction turn left onto Well Lane
  4. At the tarmac road fork, turn right onto Fell Road a steep long meandering climb, it's a tough cookie but rewarded with stunning views. There are a couple of miles of level tarmac at the summit.
  5. At Bull Pot farm take a left turn onto bridleway and sign posted Barbondale. Blow your mind with the magnificent views ahead of the Howgill Fells.
  6. Continue along the track through a couple of gates, there's a very rocky pitted and quite technical descent finally hitting tarmac at Barbon Beck.
  7. Right onto the Tarmac (Barbondale Road), a couple of hundred yards and then left crossing Barbon Beck using either the bridge, or if your fool hardy like us and fancy falling in and getting wet this early in the ride try crossing the ford into Barbon woods. Barbon Beck is an excellent spot for a lunch with a view.
  8. Follow Barbon Beck through Barbon Woods, a visually stunning section of the ride.
  9. When you hit a gate (not literally) and the end of the woods, go left onto a short steep tarmac descent, a section used annually for the Barbon Hill Climb.
  10. At the T junction with St Bartholomew's church on your right, turn left towards the Banneriggs Brow. For those following our GPS we messed up a bit and rode right into the village of Barbon at this point, dont bother, you will end up having to come back on yourself.
  11. A short tarmac climb and right onto Bow Bents Lane.
  12. A Mile or so of tarmac, just after the woods on your left (Tuplot Wood) look out for a climbing bridleway on your left (signposted Bridleway Wandales Lane) your going up here. This section has eight Andy Goldsworth art installations to look out for.
  13. Continue on Wandales lane bridleway, after a while you should cross the tarmac of Fell Lane which you climbed earlier in the ride, continue straight on the bridleway (signposted Bents Lane.
  14. Take the right through the gate following the very grassy bridleway, a few hundred yards and then left through another gate between a tree and the stone farmhouse.
  15. Right onto tarmac at the T junction a few hundred yards of tarmac and then left at the barn onto Well Lane, It might not feel like it but your back onto Well Lane/Chapel House Lane the section you started the ride on. It's a short downhill blast to your start point.


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Food & stuff
You must be kidding, Kingsdale, Barbondale and The Lune Vallley in general are pretty remote areas. there's a pub (The Barbon Inn) about halfway round in the village of Barbon. At the Devils Bridge at your start/end point there's a burger van which is very popular with bikers (the ones with engines attached) which is open all year round. If it's warm enough to be hanging about do yourself a favor and bring a nice picnic. There's a beauty spot at Barbon Beck / Barbon Woods, about a third of the way round. Scenic spots don't get much more picturesque than this, definitely a little taste of heaven.




This is one of my absolute favourite rides in the UK, although I extend it by a few miles at Barbon Village. A great set of route photos by the way, they very much summarise what is so wonderful about this ride. I cant wait to return.
from: Peter | Mon Aug 20 2012



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Start Point - The Devils Bridge
Start Point - The Devils Bridge'
take the one way street directly opposite the devils bridge...
take the one way street directly opposite the devils bridge...'
right onto Well Lane
right onto Well Lane'
Left Wandales Lane
Left Wandales Lane'
Right, Fell Road to Bull Pot...
Right, Fell Road to Bull Pot...'
Fell Road climb...
Fell Road climb...'
Left at Bull Pot farm, The Howgills ahead...
Left at Bull Pot farm, The Howgills ahead...'
Right onto Barbondale Road...
Right onto Barbondale Road...'
Cross Barbon Beck, taking care not to fall in...
Cross Barbon Beck, taking care not to fall in...'
Barbon Wood, Barbon Beck on your left...
Barbon Wood, Barbon Beck on your left...'
Left, down Barbon hill climb tarmac...
Left, down Barbon hill climb tarmac...'
Left at St Bartholomews church
Left at St Bartholomews church'
Right, Bow Bents Lane...
Right, Bow Bents Lane...'
Left Bridleway Wandales Lane
Left Bridleway Wandales Lane'
Straight on, Crossing Fell road...
Straight on, Crossing Fell road...'
Through Gate...
Through Gate...'
Right onto tarmac...
Right onto tarmac...'
Left, Chapel House Ln...
Left, Chapel House Ln...'



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